Current PhD students

Natalia-Rozalia Avlona. Multi-sided value in data-driven services.
Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen. Co-supervisor, 2021 –

Sonja Rattay. An ethics-in-action framework for designing data-driven product service systems.
Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen. Co-supervisor, 2021 –

Astrid Waagstein. Understanding Postmorten Privacy & Data Practices in the Digital Age.
Department of Communication, University of Copenhagen. Co-supervisor, 2019 –

Previous PhD students

Gry Hasselbalch
Dissertation: Data Ethics of Power: A Human Approach to Big Data and AI.
Supervisor, 2017-2021

Sille Obelitz Søe
Dissertation: The Urge to Detect, the Need to Clarify: Gricean Perspectives on Information, Misinformation, and Disinformation.
Supervisor, 2013-2016

Iulian Vamanu
Dissertation: North American Indigenous Curators’ Constructions of Indigenous Knowledge: Applying the Sociology of Knowledge Approach to Discourse.
External committee member, 2011-2014

Christine Marchese
Dissertation: Impact of Organizational Environment on Knowledge Representation and Use: Cognitive Work Analysis of a Management Consulting Firm.
Committee member, 2005-2012

Melanie Feinberg
Dissertation: Classification as Communities: Properties and Design.
Committee member, 2005-2008

Ok Nam Park
Dissertation: Current Practice in Classification System Design: An Empirical Investigation of Classification System Design Team Practice.
Committee member, 2004-2008

Martha Smith
Dissertation: Art Information Use and Needs of Non-Specialists: Evidence in Art Museum Visitor Studies.
Committee member, 2002-2006

Joseph Tennis
Dissertation: Conceptions of Subject Analysis: A Metatheoretical Investigation.
Committee member, 2002-2005.