Very excited to be giving a talk at “The Politics of Classification” symposium at UCLA on May 5, 2017!

The presentation I gave as part of the Plenary Panel at NordMedia 2015 has just been published as a paper, Three Models of Privacy: New Perspectives on Informational Privacy, in a special issue of Nordicom Review.

Knowledge Organization has just published a festschrift for Hope A. Olson to celebrate her many contributions to KO.  I am please that my paper “Marginalization and Exclusion: Unraveling Systemic Bias in Classification” is among the papers selected to honor Hope.

In the paper Big Data Privacy: The Datafication of Personal Information just out in The Information Society, I develop the notion of datafied personal information as a way to deal with privacy in the age of big data.  I have placed a preprint of the paper here — and, for a limited time, get a copy of the published paper here.

My paper Personal Information as Communicative Acts is part of a special issue on privacy in Ethics and Information Technology – in the paper I develop the notion that personal information is best understood as contextual and situational… get a preprint of the paper here.

Happy to present my paper: Wikipedians’ Knowledge and Moral Duties in which I critique Wikipedia’s ’Neutral Point of View’ policy – the paper is published as part of a special issue on gender and crowdsourcing.